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Founded in 1988, our company progressed with time establishing a manufacturing of 7500 m2 on a land space of 20 000 m2 for development on technological investments and quality increase.

Due to our customers’ unlimited needs and requests, our company increased its production capacity by introducing Hydraulic Workshop presses and other private presses as well as Valve Seat Boring Machines and their tool sets in 2010. To ensure safety and quality production, our company also possesses ISO 9001-2000 quality control certificate.

By increasing its production capacity together with technological investments, HONEKS has been able to expand its products’ market and exportation abroad making it possible to become an overseas brand.

Today, HONEKS produces machines in different sizes and capacities i.e. Crankshaft grinding machines, Cylinder boring and surface milling machines, Automatic honing machines, Surface grinding machines, Line boring machines, Engine blocks and Valve seat boring machines, Connecting rods machines, Valve grinding machines, Crack detecting machines, 20 ton to 500 ton Hydraulic Workshop presses, Drum and Disc brake Lathe machines, Fuel injection pump test machines, Vertical drilling machines, Service equipments, Air compressors , private machines and machine’s equipments depending on the customer’s request and need.

After production is completed, our products 10 tested, controlled then transported for shipment or for storage in the stock 10a. Through team work and cooperation from our employees, dealers and customers, our company proves its success and therefore continues to fulfill its customers’ needs to their satisfaction.

Best regards.